Dolo Moretti: The Process Within The Process

Entrepreneurial Piece.

I sat down with my good music-mechanic friend, Casa De Dolo Owner, Andrew Heid, aka, Dolo Moretti to have an in depth discussion and update on his entrepreneurial journey. Our Gift & Game interview, powered by Ascential, LLC and Parkhurst Photography highlights Dolo’s ongoing “process within the process” pertaining to finding success within music, expanding his entrepreneurial endeavors, and what its taken mentally and emotionally as of late in order to make it all happen!

“For me its been about turning my passions into action. Not just always speaking about it but acting on it. I wanted to relay a first hand view about the process within the process of what it’s taken for me to get to this point where I’m at today…” -Andrew/Dolo Moretti

Dolo Moretti is a Hip-Hop/Indie Artist from Baltimore, MD, a Mechanic, and a Success Enthusiast. We’re glad to welcome you to the interview now streaming on YouTube.

Watch Full Interview Here

Dolo 1



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